We are passionate about music - and especially singing - at Moss Park Primary School. You will hear singing coming from all classrooms and our children regularly perform to families and neighbours. We work in close partnership with Trafford Music Service and as well as making music, we love to go to concerts, perform for others and join in Trafford-wide events such at the SINGING FESTIVAL and STRETFORD SINGATHON.

All our teachers and teacing assistants have had singing INSET training. They lead and support our weekly singing assemblies with a warm up, a familiar song, a new song to learn and a pupil choice. These songs relate to our values, they may be seasonal and they bind us together as one harmonious community.

Here is a link to Trafford Music Service - as well as offering music tuition (one to one and small group), they offer ensembles, lessons and activities for all children in Trafford: Trafford Music Service

We have pupils learning recorder, guitar, piano and vocals in tuition sessions. We pay 50% of the cost of all music tuition for those pupis in recipt of the Pupil Premium.

Our after school choir club (Y3 - Y6) is run by our music teacher and me (Mrs Nunwick - Headteacher) and this costs just £1 per week, or free for those pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium and those with an EHCP.

Year 6 have worked with the Music department at Stretford Grammar and our choir an annual slot at Stretford Public Hall's Christmas Fair and now Stretford Mall. We attend the Young Voices concert at the AO Arena every year. Every opportunity is taken to relate Music to the needs of our pupils. We use specialist teachers, visits, visitors and a variety of musical instruments to engage children’s interest and imagination.

In the Early Years, Music is taught within the areas of Communication and Language, Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design. We develop our listening skills, our response to music, learn a variety of rhymes & songs and explore music making and dance. After Christmas, our Nursery friends join in our weekly Singing Assembly (Nursery to Year 2) where they experience the joy of singing together. In Reception we begin our 'Charanga' journey, which prepares us for Key Stage 1 Music.

Each year group from Year 2 to Year 6 has a term of 'wider opportunities' instrumental tuition; they will have experience of strings, brass, woodwind and percussion. We've gained the Music Mark three times and the Sing Up Silver Award because of our commitment to Music in the Curriculum.

Our main scheme of work is Charanga (from summer term Reception to Year 6) and we supplement this with our Wider Opportunities offer. All children at MPPS have an equal curriculum entitilement in Music and we are very proud of the work we do. Please take a look at some of our photos and videos. 

We offer a Music Nurture group therapeutic intervention to support vulnerable pupils express theselves in a safe space and this is run by TMS and one of our fuly trained Teaching Assistants.

Did you know..?

We even delivered live Music lessons in the 2nd Lockdown - spring 2021! Our music teacher was in school teaching trumpet to our key workers in person and the rest of the class joined in the lesson on Google Classroom. You can see the press release attached at the bottom of this page!