Year 3 Curriculum

When a child starts at Moss Park Primary School, we make sure that we have recapped and recalled (R & R) key learning from Key Stage 1. In Reading, Writing, Maths and Science, these are called 'key performance inidicators'. In other subjects, we track back to key learning concepts and skills taken from the EES 'Progression in the National Curriculum' handbook: for example in computing, we check that pupils can "Use information and communication technology as part of design development where appropriate" before introducing them to Computer Aided Design. In History, we will R & R subject specific vocabulary such as, "key human features, including: city, town, village, factory, farm, house, office, port, harbour and shop." before moving on to describing types of settlement and land use. 

We baseline our children in reading, spelling, writing and maths using both commerical  and our own teacher assessments to ensure that any catch up or keep up interventions are put into place and that the work across the curriculum is 'just on the edge of challenge' for all our pupils. Where some pupils need to consolidate the KS1 programme of work - for example in phonics - we make sure this learning is in place as it is the foundation for success in Key Stage 2. 

We use a mixture of Oxford reading Tree and Collins Big Cats as our main reading scheme:

Parents Guide to Oxford Reading Tree and Book Bands

but we supplement these with other books that are colour banded according to reading age. We use Code X reading intervention for pupils who need to develop their decoding and fluency.

Code X reading intervention leaflet

We keep some elements of play and practical based learning and use our outdoor areas whenever possible. We use visitors, trips and magic moments to enhance our curriuclum. All the pupils in Year 3 are able to do at least 6 clubs per year after school.