Our Vision

At Moss Park, we believe that phonics isn't just a subject—it's a key to unlocking literacy skills and a lifelong love for reading. Our curriculum is tailored to spark curiosity, cultivate phonemic awareness, and instill the foundational skills crucial for tomorrow’s literate world. From decoding their first words to confidently navigating diverse texts, our students develop a profound, hands-on grasp of how phonics shapes their reading abilities.

At Moss Park, phonics education serves as a gateway to comprehension and communication, empowering our students to excel academically and beyond. We are dedicated to fostering proficient readers who are equipped to explore literature with confidence and express themselves effectively. Our commitment lies in nurturing literate individuals who are poised to thrive in an ever-evolving literary landscape.

Our Aims

  • To comprehend and employ the core principles and concepts of phonics education.

  • To dissect challenges in linguistic terms, and engage in consistent hands-on practice of applying phonics strategies to decode and understand text.

  • To assess and utilize phonetic knowledge, including unfamiliar sounds or letter combinations, critically to decode words.

  • To become adept, skilled, assured, and imaginative practitioners of phonics skills in reading and communication.


At Moss Park Primary, we proudly implement the Bug Club phonics programme. This comprehensive synthetic phonics approach features a meticulously crafted teaching scheme of work alongside a rich array of fully decodable books, available in both print and online formats. Our bespoke Moss Park programme showcases the seamless progression of phonics instruction, meticulously aligned with the Bug Club scheme, guiding students from Reception through to the culmination of Key Stage 1.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the consistent delivery of phonics education, facilitated by adaptable resources that cater to the diverse needs of every child. Each lesson within Key Stages 1 and 2 adheres to a structured format, ensuring continuity and reinforcing phonics skills acquisition. Through systematic reinforcement, active learning, and practical application, our phonics lessons aim to empower students with the confidence and proficiency to decode and engage with texts effectively.